Unna Goldsworthy

Unna is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Her studies in the exercise sciences have equipped her for the professional field of human movement and health sciences to help people live healthier lives through exercise and rehabilitation.

Initially her career was spent working within the hospital rehabilitation environment where she applied and developed her skills of biomechanical analysis and anatomy of movement. This experience exposed her particular interest in neurological and spinal conditioning and rehabilitation.  A lasting impression was left on her by a senior clinician physiotherapist that reflected on the “butterfly effect” – while the outcome may be influenced by things that cannot return to “normal”, you can influence functional change that works.

While Unna specialises in neurological and neuromuscular rehabilitation, she also has an interest and experience with treating general musculoskeletal problems and injuries.  Her style of practice is influenced by conditioning modes such as resistance training and the Pilates method.

Most recently Unna has been involved with clinical research at the Austin Hospital looking at extreme weakness and changes in quality of life for Intensive Care survivors. This heterogeneous population was an enormous challenge but highlighted the adaptability of her skills and continuing thirst for knowledge.

Unna looks forward to submitting her final Masters thesis examining the feasibility of decreasing cardiovascular risk factors among obese obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients with lifestyle modifications.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Exercise Science 
  (major in health promotion)
- Post Graduate Diploma in Exercise Rehabilitation
- Masters of Applied Science in Exercise Rehabilitation
- Level 2 Australian Pilates Method Association Instructor